The most efficient way for multi-location retailers to capitalize on the new Path To Purchase is by adopting a local organic search strategy along with localizing local store web pages and YouTube videos. When used together, they will drive traffic to the retailers locations by providing customers with a clear route to their local store.

FITDM’S checklist for ranking at the top of Google Search for local businesses

  • Business directories – Google looks to dozens of directories like Yellow Pages and uses these listings to verify your business identity and will penalize it for inconsistencies.  This is also a source of authority for the local business and Google uses this in their ranking algorithm.
  • Website local pages optimization Each local store page needs unique title tags and and content optimized with local search keywords.  The local page should show the community that you are the authority for your product or service with photos, articles and videos.
  • Link building – For local SEO, you need local links to rank well with Google otherwise Google will assume you are not active in the local community.
  • Google my business optimization – Google likes to see a fully optimized MyBusiness/Google+ page as follows: Verification, Content Optimization, Image Optimization, Video Optimization, Reviews Strategy, Posts Strategy
  • YouTube – Google is the #1 search engine followed by YouTube and Google owns YouTube so having even one video posted on the site and optimizing it with local keywords can significantly increase your chances of getting found when people search on Google.  Google knows it is not easy to create videos so they give videos preference in page rank.

WHY VIDEO WORKS –Today, your customer wants to get to know you before they buy from you, and video is just like being there.

The thumbnail of your video appears in search and it outshines any other content on the page including paid advertisements!

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Your video will grab the consumer’s attention and they will click on the video to watch, or sometimes they will just CALL YOU immediately because you HAVE A VIDEO.